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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The "committee" met at the Wayzata Muni to continue planning for the 50th and these are the "unofficial" notes of our discussions.  Provided by Dusty

Class Reunion meeting notes

Participating:  Lucia Harmon, Dave Olasen, Randy Lofgren, Bonnie McCannel. (and her roommate Donette), Vicki Linden, Louise Nelson, Steve Tibbets, Julie Laven, Jim Wicklatz, Peter Gordienko and Dusty Macgregor.

Items Discussed:

  • Info from the Crown Plaza Event Center
  • Classmate Search

Contract:  Jeff Lambert reviewed it for us and said the contract didn't have anything hidden or untoward. I shared the amount of the food and beverage minimum ($6,000) and we did some calculating to see how many would need to come. We agreed that I would go ahead and sign the contract with the Crowne Plaza. I will clarify with CP whether the money spent on rooms rented by classmates or the brunch on Sunday would be counted as part of that minimum. I will find out what is required for a deposit and pay that but I suspect we may have to decide on food first.

Classmate Search:
Julie Laven shared the ways she has been finding classmates, using messenger on Facebook and Googling names for telephone numbers. We congratulated her on her successes. We spent time trying to get each member to identify people they would like to see again, people they have lost touch with but always wondered about. It was different for everyone so it was a good conversation starter and got people thinking.

Event Discussion:
One of the criticisms we have heard from earlier classes is that people get trapped at one table with a sit down dinner. We discussed ways to get people up and moving, like a speed reunion exercise. There are pros and cons to that though, not everyone is comfortable with social moving and mixing.

The rest of the time we reminisced talking about silly things like our first kiss and told stories. It was lots of fun.


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