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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The "committee" met at Dusty's home to continue planning for the 50th and these are the "unofficial" notes of our discussions.

Class Reunion meeting notes

Participating:  Debbie Abelson; Gigi Haglund; Jim Wicklatz;  Dusty Macgregor; Jeff Lambert; Lucia Harmon; Julie Laven; Jeff Walton

Meeting hosted by Dusty Macgregor

Items Discussed:

  • Info gleaned from the Class of 67 reunion
  • Venues
  • Memorabelia / Mementos
  • Classmate Search

Class of 67 information:  Jeff Walton and Lucia Harmon acted as "greeters" for the Class of 67 reunion dinner which was held at the Medina Country Club (former Rolling Greens).  Their class had about 105 in attendance, including classmates and significant others.  Their reunion consisted of Friday night at the Legion; Sat. tour of the old HS; Saturday dinner at the country club; Sunday brunch at the Crowne Plaza (Scanticon) hotel.  The legion dinner was $10 payable to the Legion; tour was free; Medina Dinner was $75 per person; Sunday brunch was $20 payable to the hotel.

The Class of 67 started their planning in early 2017 and found that many of the venues that they tried were already booked with weddings and etc.  Places tried included Wayzata CC, Layfayette Club and etc.  Their advice was "book early" as many facilityies are booked a year in advance.  The Class of 67 had about 300, compared to our class at 265.  They did not have as up-to-date information on their class after searching. They also determined that 66 of their classmates had passed away, including one person the week before the reunion. 

They created a closed web site using a commercial hosting company for their site.  The sought donations to cover the cost of keeping the site running for the next 5 years for about $850. The site requires login as opposed to being open like our web site.

The Class of 67 dinner had a fixed menu; a short program; pay bar; a memorabilia table; photgrapher.  The memorabilia table was interesting.  The photographer results were disappointing.

Photos of different things from the Class of 67 reunion.  Click for full size images.

From the last committee meeting, we have investigated several places as possibilities:

  • Wayzata Yacht Clubhouse (Pot luck / catered / Food Truck) for Friday night event.  Bonnie McCannel has a connection and it would cost us ~$250 to use.  Activities until 10PM and cleanup and vacate by 11.  This location was perfect for the 45th and we can try to book sometime next spring.  They won't reserve the space until a few months prior to the event.

  • Birches Gigi checked on it and they would not provide any private space or allow use of the deck, so not a good option.

  • Crowne Plaza - Bonnie McCannel talked to them and our dates may be available. 
    Update:  We have reserved Sept 22, 2018 for our event.  Note new dates!

  • Six Smith Randy Lofgren - no info

  • The Landing Hotel Louise Nelson talked to them.  Prices for a Friday or Saturday night event are outrageous ~$15K and parking is lousy.

  • The Pavillion - Louise Nelson provided sample contracts and costs.  It was reasonable in terms of cost but there is a 10PM cut off and the facility is senior housing so maybe not the most conducive to a reunion event...

  • Medina CC - (Rolling Hills) Jeff Walton and Lucia Harmon checked into the location and it would cost about $2K to reserve unless we have a member to sponsor us.  Gigi has a daughter in law that is a member.

  • Parkers Lake Pavillion (Plymouth) for Friday Eve Bill Scheller - No info

  • Brew Works Pat Hayes - no info

  • Boat Ride Options Dusty Macgregor - Maybe a fall back event option.  The committee feedback was that we lost a number of folks that didn't want to do the boat thing.

  • Dinner at the New HS - The school does not allow any food events

  • Old HS Tour - Both Gary Midge and Bonnie McCannel have some connection and the school would be more than happy to arrange a tour.

After discussions, the committee thought that we should reserve the space at the Crown Plaza (Scanticon) ballroom for the Saturday evening dinner.  Dusty will meet with them to discuss.  The committee suggested that we should try to do a buffet offering instead of fixed meals.  We will also try to reserve a block of rooms for classmates coming in from out of town.  The Class of 67 did this and the hotel is willing to hold rooms until about 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Memorabilia / Mementos:  The idea of having a photo booth was popular.  Jeff Walton will look for an "unattended" photo booth option and props and will report back. 

The idea of having a memory book was also discussed but the main concern is that it would be a lot of work and getting people to submit information may not be easy.  A couple people that had the original idea were asked for some information so that we could do a "mock up" and after a couple months, nothing was received, so it may be evidence that this would be difficult.

Classmate Search:  Lists were handed out to those that volunteered to make some calls.  Lucia took A-G;  Julie Laven Petersen took H-L; Jeff Lambert took M-R; Julie Laven took S-Z.  These lists had just classmates who have been either missing or the last update was more than 10 years ago.  There are some that we think are still around but getting information is proving to be difficult and some classmates do not want to be contacted.  We have current verified information on 160-170 of our class.  Anyone that went to school with us, even if they didn't finish with us, are welcome to be included.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 12th, 7:00 PM at Dusty Macgregors house.  Bring something for pot luck.


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