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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017

Here’s some notes of what we talked about at our meeting from 8/15.  Dusty also took notes and may have more details to add as there were multiple conversations and my multitasking is challenged…

Class Reunion meeting notes

Participating:  Louise Nelson; Debbie Abelson; Gigi Haglund; Randy Lofgren; Pat Hayes; Jim Wicklatz; Bill Scheller; Bonnie McCannel; Dusty Macgregor; Gabriel Lofgren; Jeff Walton

Meeting hosted by Gigi Haglund

Items Discussed:

  • Date
  • Event Possibilities
  • Venues
  • Collateral
  • Classmate Search

Dates:  The general concensus was that we needed to set dates so that people could plan, even if we didn’t have anything setup yet.  The group felt that summer is still when most people want to travel to an event in MN and we selected August 17-18, 2018 for the 50th Reunion. 

(Note: Updated to September 21-22, 2018 for available venues)

Event Possibilities:  There were lots of ideas tossed around.  The idea that had the most traction was that we should do distinct Friday and Saturday night events.  The less formal gathering at the Wayzata Yacht Clubhouse was a big hit for the 45th and everyone wanted to do something similar.  For the second evening, we discussed a lot of possibilities that are listed below, along with the people that “volunteered” to do some research.  Also discussed having a school tour of the new or old high school.

  • Wayzata Yacht Clubhouse – (Pot luck or catered) - Bonnie McCannel

  • Six Smith – Randy Lofgren

  • Birches – Gigi Haglund

  • The Landing – Louise Nelson

  • Rolling Hills (Medina)

  • Parkers Lake Pavillion (Plymouth) – Bill Scheller

  • Brew Works – Pat Hayes

  • Gail Woods Farm

  • Boat Ride Options – Dusty Macgregor

  • Crowne Plaza (Scanticon) – Bonnie McCannel

Collateral / Mementos:  Several ideas including T-shirts; Memory Book and Directory; Photographer; Self photo booth with props

Misc:  Pat Hayes volunteered to provide some music at one of our venues as appropriate.

Classmate Search:  Lists were handed out that had all classmates who have been either missing or the last update was more than 10 years ago.  The request to all was to look through the names and try to spot people that someone may know about and try to reach them to update information.  No one was assigned anything specific at this time.

The good news:

(163) classmates have been verified in the last 5 years

The bad news:

(33) classmates are known to have passed away

The challenge:

(59) classmates are missing or out of touch for 20 years or more

(42) classmates have information from the 30th or later but have not been verified

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 18th – Location TBD.  Dusty originally volunteered but will now be out of town.  Taking volunteers…


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