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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The "committee" met at the Wayzata Muni to continue planning for the 50th.

Class Reunion meeting notes

Participating:  Lucia Harmon, Randy Lofgren, Bonnie McCannel, Vicki Linden, Steve Tibbets, Bill Sheller, Jeff Walton and Dusty Macgregor.

Items Discussed:

Friday Night Event:  The Wayzata Yacht Club is officially out.  There is another event planned for that evening and the rules have also changed requiring one of us to be a member and there for the event.

We've considered a few alternates:

The American Legion
Parkers Lake Clubhouse
Plymouth Community Center
French Regional Park

  • The Legion is still an informal place that people can go after our gathering.  There is no way to do anything that is private.

  • The Parkers Lake Clubhouse would have been good but is under construction on our date.

  • The Plymouth Community center requires that we hire a Police Officer for security.

  • French Park is good because it has indoor and outdoor facilities.  Beer, wine and food are OK but the park closes at 9PM, so we can have the facilities from 5-9PM and people can go elsewhere afterwards.  The group decided that French Regional park would offer the best combination of indoor and outdoor spaces.  Dusty will arrange for the reservation.

Class Bank Account:  Bonnie McCannel has been handling the funds for the class and we are considering offering electronic payment in addition to checks.  To do this, we will visit the bank and change our account to allow some additional options to accomodate electronic payments.  The bank offers a free checking account for non-profits and we will establish the appropriate account with multiple signers.  Bonnie will continue to manage funds as the Treasurer.


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