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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Sunday, March 7, 2018

The "committee" met at the Wayzata Muni to continue planning for the 50th and these are the "unofficial" notes of our discussions.  Provided by Dusty

Class Reunion meeting notes

Participating:  Gigi Haglund, Lucia Harmon, Randy Lofgren, Bonnie McCannel, Vicki Linden, Steve Tibbets, Bill Sheller, Debbie Abelson, Louise Nelson, Jeff Walton and Dusty Macgregor.

Items Discussed:

At this stage we think some committees are needed:

  • Decorations

  • Food

  • Activities/entertainment

    • For the reunion night
      Reunion weekend activities

  • Take away gifts/remembrances

Classmate Search:  brainstorming about people we want to find and who mentioned them. (not responsible for spelling).

J Greg Hamilton - Bill S.
Patty Eckberg - Gigi
Sharon Cunningham  - Bonnie M.
Marcine Floe - Debbie A.
Bob Simmonds ?
Ted Brooks - Bill S.
Melinda Burger - Dusty
Steve Thompson  - Steve T.
Sue Lindelof - Susie Hursh
Dale Henitz - Debbie A., Gigi Elk River?
Rick Swenson - Bonnie Washington state?
Liz Wyatt - Vicki L.
Barry Stensrud  -Bill S. Excelsior?
Donna Boik - Steve T.
Nancy Van Dusen - Dusty
Roy Roseland - Steve T.
Sue Moretter - Vicki L.
Pam Barnes - Vicki L.
JoAnn Johnson - Louise N.
Robin Zakariasen - Vicki L.
Bobby Godward - Vicki L.
Libby Falls - Bonnie M.

Publicity:  Other thoughts from our meeting: Put a blanket ad in the Star Tribune and local paper saying we would love to see you with date and place of reunion and contact name and number. Same for a radio ad.

Questions about Friday night back up: How about the American Legion? Someone needs to check availability and cost. Dayton is a veteran. Wayzata Yacht Club? Vicki thinks the Underbeats might be still around or maybe the Del Counts.

Are we going to send out a letter with a form to tear off, fill out and send in with deposit or the full ticket amount? We did this last time.

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