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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Reunion Committee:

Dusty Macgregor, Gigi Haglund, Bonnie McCannel, Lucia Harmon, Jeff Walton

The Mailing:
We stuffed envelopes for 217 classmates and they should be in the mail shortly. Thanks to Jeff Lambert for his generous offer to mail them for us! Our list consisted of 142 verified classmates and 75 unverified addresses. “Verified” meant that we have been in contact in 2013 and “unverified” means that we have not had contact since the last reunion but have an address that didn’t get returned to sender. For the remaining classmates that are “missing” or “returned to sender” we will manually mail an invitation and survey when we receive any new information from the committee or classmates.

Our mailing contained a reunion invitation, a class survey (with a list and status of all classmates that were not verified) and a return envelope for the survey. We asked for the surveys to be returned by May 23rd. Bonnie McCannel is the physical address that we are using for the sending and receiving of the mailings.

The items are posted on our web site (if you want to view them):

Dusty will deliver the mailer to Jeff Lambert who ha generously offered to send out the mailing from his office (Thanks, Jeff!)

Moving forward, any new addresses that we get will be hand mailed with the same materials and added to the database.

Next Meeting:

You are all invited to the next gathering at the Wayzata Muni on May 23rd at 6:30PM. In addition to locating a few more of our “lost” classmates, we are still looking for informal activities to schedule on Friday evening and Saturday before the dinner boat.



Last Update January 02, 2021
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