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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Committee Notes:

We met 4/25/13 at the Muni to continue planning the 45th Reunion.   Smaller group competing with the NFL Draft, among other things.

Classmates in Attendance:

Dusty Macgregor; Lucia Harmon; Jeff Walton;
Vicki Linden; Chris Utz; Randy Lofgren

Updating the Class Data:

We continue to make slow progress updating our class roster.  Updated printouts were passed out.

Class Mailing:

We looked at a draft of a mailing for the class and discussed examples of items that were sent last reunion.  The only physical mailing for the last reunion was sent on May 8th of 2008, so we are on schedule.

The only change on the draft mailing was the inclusion of a target range for the cost of the event, which was not included in the draft.  The group thought that it needed to be in the printing so that people understood the price target.  In addition to the main letter, we will include a survey that can be returned and a listing of the class and status to promote help locating others.  A small group will get together at Dusty's on May 9th to assemble the mailing and Jeff Lambert has generously offered to run the mailing through his office.  We will send to all classmates once in a physical form and use the web and email for anything additional.  All mailing items will be posted for access by the class at a later time in the form of a web download.


  • Vicki Linden has volunteered her farm for Friday evening festivities which would be less formal and could include food, music, horseback riding and etc.  We will look into this offer for part of the festivities for the weekend.

  • It was verified that Sue Leposwsky had passed away and her information is updated on the web site.
  • Dusty reported that a down-payment has been made for the dinner cruise to hold our date.
  • Please send any new or updated information to Jeff for real-time updating to the web.

Classmates that are found can be encouraged to update their own info from the web site at:


Here is our current status:

  • Total of grads and others:  294
    (263 graduated with class in 1968)

  • 2013 Contact (Verified): 139

  • Address on file but not verified (Unverified): 76

  • Last Physical mail undeliverable (Delivery Returned): 23

  • No address or contact information (Missing): 31

  • Deceased: 26

Suggestions or Input:

It was noisy at the Muni, so if anyone has any input or suggestions regarding the information in these notes or for the committee (in general), please send an email and we can share with the committee.

Next Meeting:

Date:  May 23rd at 6:30 PM  
Location: The Muni in Wayzata.


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