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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Committee Notes:

We met 1/24/13 at the Muni to kick off the 45th Reunion planning.

In Attendance:

Dusty Macgregor; Bonnie McCannel; Lucia Harmon; Judy Gerold; Jeff Walton;
Randy Lofgren; Chris Utz; Janice Kellar; Sue Hursh

Updating the Class Data:

The process of updating our class roster was split into letters of the alphabet and each member took home a listing that showed members that needed to be updated. The alphabet was distributed as follows:

A; B

Judy Gerold

C; D; E; I; J

Bonnie McCannel

F; G

Janice Kellar


Lucia Harmon

K; L

Randy Lofgren

M; N; O

Dusty Macgregor

P; Q; R

Jeff Walton

S; T

Sue Hursh and Gigi Haglund

U; V; W; X; Y; Z

Chris Utz

Send updated information to Jeff.

Classmates that are found can be encouraged to update their own info from the web site at:


Event Date:

The committee discussed event date options and went with the suggestion from an earlier group meeting to hold the reunion event on August 24, 2013 (Sat). This is roughly the same date as the 40th reunion in 2008. The event is not set but we are leaning towards doing another dinner cruise on Lake Minnetonka. (one classmate affectionately referred to it as the “booze cruise”) Everyone agreed that we need to have an informal gathering somewhere on Friday night and again after the cruise on Saturday night so that there would be something for everyone that did not want to pay for the dinner cruise. The informal options are open for suggestion. It would be similar to the Maynards and NorthCoast gatherings from 2008.

Other event ideas included doing something downtown; renting a park pavilion. Good ideas will be needed for the 50th.

Committee Members:

For moving forward, we will invite the following people that have expressed an interest:

Dusty Macgregor; Bonnie McCannel; Pat Bauer; Debbie Abelson; Dayton Berg; Judy Gerald; Louise Gordon; Dan Goodmundson; Gigi Haglund; Lucia Harmon; Janice Kellar; Jeff Lambert; Randy Lofgren; Bill Scheller; Chris Utz; Jeff Walton; Jim Wicklatz

In a future emailing we will send a message to everyone that still lives near the metro area and has attended at least two of the previous reunions and invite them to join the committee.

Next Meeting:

February 28th at 6:30PM. Location TBD or back at the Muni.


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